Raindrops Room

Raindrops is our 1-2 year olds room, the ratio is 1:3 and we can take up to 24 children when free flowing into the central area. Our Raindrop room has a lot of space for the children to explore and become confident on their feet.

The room is defined with different areas of play. the day the children free flow from the room into the central area giving them a bigger environment to play and explore. The central area is set up with lots of messy play activities which the children thoroughly enjoy.  The children in Raindrops learn a lot through their senses, our sensory corner has an interactive sensory wall where the children can feel different textures and explore the natural everyday objects. T he Raindrop children have their own garden which they can enjoy, they also have use of our large outdoor area.

The Raindrops room has a milk kitchen, safe and secure changing area and a separate sleep room so the children can have a peaceful rest throughout the day.

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