Snowflakes Room

Snowflakes is our baby room, taking children from 4 weeks to 1 year.  The ratio for our baby room is 1:3 and we can take up to 9 children. It is a cosy room offering a home from home environment. We have a cosy area for the babies to rest and enjoy their milk with their carers.  Sensory play is very important with the younger children as they learn through their senses, our sensory area offers a wide range of natural objects and different textures to help the babies explore. We offer all sorts of messy play and encourage all children to have a go. We have a milk kitchen and sterilising equipment, each child has individual baskets for the milk and bottles to go into.

We ask parents to provide nappies, wipes and formula milk which they can bring along in bulk or as and when their child is in nursery. Our snowflake room has a designated cot area for the tired babies and a safe and secure nappy changing area. We have a garden for the children to enjoy especially during the milder months with soft flooring. Our Snowflakes room benefits from a separate nappy change and sleep area.


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