We would like to say a huge thank you to you all for the past 7 years, looking after Alice and Freddie. You have shown such kindness and we are so grateful for everything you have done. We will miss you all. (July 2019) Amy Burgess & Kevin Horrod

Thank you for all of the love and support you have given bella over the past 2 years. bella started at Jack and Jills as a timid little girl and is now leaving as a confident and bubbly ‘big’ girl. the whole team are truly amazing and i’m so glad i picked Jack and Jills Day Nursery. (July 2019) Nicole lawson

Jude has settled in amazingly to the Snowflakes room. We couldnt be happier with how quickly he has felt comfortable and couldn’t be more thankful for calm mornings and handovers (2019) Evona Miasey

The staff at raindrops are absolutely amazing. they have helped settle Aria in so well and so supportive before her move to Sunbeams. All the ladies are so friendly and kind that i have no worries or concerns whilst Aria is at nursery. (June 2019) Mili Nangla

Both of my children attend Jack and Jills and both are very happy. Staff are friendly and very caring towards the children. Both of my children look forward to going to nursery, seeing their friends and their favourite care givers. Would reccommend this nursery (July 2019) Laura Clazie

Thank you for making my little baby into the amazing confident little girl she is today. You are all fabulous and we wish you all well for the next generation of ‘babies’ (July 2019) Hayley Chappin Warden

Thank you for helping me grow. Thank you to all of my teachers and key workers who have helped me reach milestones i couldn’t have achieved without your support, encouragement & patience, you are incredible. (August 2019) Beckiee Mitchell (Lewis)

Really happy with Jack and Jill’s. Have been very accommodating from the beginning, and Poppy loves it. Staff are great which really helped dropping poppy off for the first time (April 2017) Lee Ansel and Laura Tinsley

I find Jack and Jill’s a caring, warming and stimulating environment for my daughter. Natalia loves coming here, many Thanks (April 2017) Alex Simion

Can’t fault Jack and Jill’s, they are very welcoming nothing is a problem, they are great with helping you with any issues you have by giving you helpful advice (April 2017) -Becky Rafferty

We were apprehensive about making the transition and having our son being looked after by a family member to a nursery. However we could not have made a better decision. He is so happy at Jack and Jill’s, he has become more confident and independent and is learning so much. He comes home singing and counting, having learnt tonnes of new words. We are so thankful to all the staff foe their excellent care they provide (April 2017) -Jamie and Dan Brown

My little one is at Jack and Jill’s since the age of 10 weeks, and I am really grateful to the staff for making her feel being loved, cared for. She just loves feeling these, which makes me feel good. When I am at work, I have no concerns that she would get the best care, lots of fun and love during the day. (April 2017) -Zsuzsanna Toth

Amazingly helpful and supportive staff no matter what time of day! You are doing a great job because Betsy smiles every time she walks into the building. We love the nursery! (April 2017) Joe and Emma Callender

Both my children have thoroughly enjoyed their time here, with both growing and thriving well. My son has really developed in speech and confidence (April 2017) -Gemma Savin

My child loves being at Jack and Jill’s Day Nursery. She always comes out smiling and happy and seems to do a lot in her day (sometimes she doesn’t want to leave) The staff are super friendly and approachable! If my child is happy then so am I- deffinately recommend Jack and Jill’s Nursery (April 2017) -Hayley Walker

I was so nervous about my return to work and leaving Ivy in a nursery but she settled so quickly. She is so happy at Jack and Jill’s and has bonded really well with all the staff. The staff are very approachable and friendly (April 2017) -Georgie

Have had nothing but a good experience since Amelia started at 10 months. She’s thrived in all rooms she’s gone into. Baby number 2 will be following in their sisters footsteps in 2018 (April 2017) -Amie Churchman

Oscar loves Jack and Jill’s he is always so happy and has a great day there. As a parent this gives me great peace of mind while at work, Thank you Jack and Jill’s (April 2017) -Nathalie Newmarch

Jack and Jill’s is a great place for your child safe, clean, friendly people. Lara loves her friends and her teachers, Thank you (April 2017) -Reyhan Rawles

In my opinion this nursery is by far one of the best in this area.
Both my children have attended this nursery and words cannot explain how happy they and I have been here over the years.
The care they provide is amazing, going to work and leaving my child with them is great peace of mind.
Everyday I am amazed with all the new things my child has learnt and done. English being our second language has never been an issue and 3 years on my daughter speaks excellently.
The staff really do an excellent choice of activities for the children.
The garden is fully equipped for children to play and enjoy. Perfect all year round.
My kids were not very good eaters, thanks to the staff at Jack and Jill’s they now like to eat almost everything, their choice of menus is very good.


I brought my kids here on recommendation and I can honestly say I would recommend this nursery to all working & non working families. The most important thing to us is our children so finding the right childcare is important.. You will not be disappointed.
– Jan Aktekin


My two very precious grandsons attend Jack and Jill’s – and have done since very young babies. The staff are very loving, caring towards all the children they care for and they all work extremely hard to ensure all the children have a wonderful time. The care they both receive has been superb, they are always happy to see the carers looking after them, their friends as well as taking part in lots of exciting activities which are always on offer.
– Sharon Moore


I was recommended Jack & Jills by my mum’s work colleague as I was new to the area. There were multiple reasons I looked into the nursery further, not only was the location great for us, but they also offer term time only contracts which is fantastic as my husband is a teacher. Even after an increase in rates (the first in 4 years), the nursery remains excellent value for money. My son has come on leaps and bounds since he started a year ago, and all the staff have been fantastic, even those who aren’t in his room (as he does like to make himself known!). The outside garden areas are really big so no shortage of space for the kids to play and I love that the staff ensure children get fresh air and outdoor time at all times of the year. Made a great choice in sending my son to Jack & Jills. Can tell he loves it there as he doesn’t want to leave! Thank you to the whole team for all your hard work.
– krishma Domine


Jack and Jill’s Day Nursery have looked after our daughter on a full time basis for nearly 3 years, since she was 9 months old. She has loved every moment and every carer she has had throughout that time. She has a shy personality, but Jack and Jill’s have helped give her confidence and develop into a popular and happy girl. They have helped tremendously with all other areas and skills and we are hugely grateful for the efforts of all staff. I would not hesitate to recommend to anyone.
– Judy Shao


A friendly nursery with a family environment. Staff know the children very well and cater for their needs with care. Very satisfied with care received for daughter for 2 and a half years so far and I will be sending my son in the near future.
– Amy Burgess


Jack and Jills day nursery is fab. My daughter has been there since she was six months old and is still there and is now nearly two. She has learnt a lot and has become a very loving confident little girl. All the staff are very welcoming and friendly. The management and staff are also very nice and helpful and always able to help needed.
– Shannon Sears


Both my children attend Jack and Jills Day nursery and both absolutely love it. The staff are so friendly, approachable and clearly enjoy their interaction with the children. The gardens are spacious and have a range of activities for the children to participate in. The staff are always coming up with new ideas and encourage the children to be involved. For example, my son’s classroom are currently saving milk bottles to build an igloo in the garden. When I drop the children off I always feel that they are in a safe, enjoyable and educational environment and when I pick them up, the hand overs are always informative and my children leaving smiling and are excited to share their days adventures with me. I am very grateful for the standard of care that Jack and Jills have provided and this is something that calms me when I have an attack of maternal guilt for leaving them to go to work. I would recommend this nursery to anyone and will be sad when my son leaves to start School in September.
– Carly Yates


We viewed many nurseries prior to placing our daughter in Jack and Jills. The staff so far have been so lovely. The handover in the morning and evenings are so informative. I personally feel that the care is like having a family member look after your child, for a parent that is so comforting. Our daughter is a happy , contented child who is thriving. As parents we feel blessed that we can go to work knowing the environment our daughter is in is safe, loving and also structured. The staff at Jack and Jills is the key point they are all so competent and loving whilst also keeping to the nursery learning syllabus. The staff is why Jack and Jills are a success.


I’m really pleased with Jack and Jills since Grace moved to Rainbows and got settled she has really come a long way. I have watched her change from a toddler to a bright, clever, caring little girl. I am very thankful to all the staff.
– Sophie Lett


It is in my opinion your stimulation of the young mind that makes the child ready for the environment.
– Tracy Cotton Mum of Bethany, aged 3


You have a lovely team of girls that make the nursery a warm and inviting place. And the love and attention they give to our children is outstanding.
– Gill Constable Mum of Ella, aged 3, and Lara, aged 1


Thank you so very much for the care, attention and nurturing you and your staff have given to our 3 children over the last 9 years.
– Polly & Richard Chase Parents of Benjamin, aged 4


Thank you for making Asha’s first 4 years such a joy.
– Sushma Barratt Mum of Asha, aged 4

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